понедельник, 23 февраля 2015 г.

Do I really need to participate in circle sharing on G+?

They say you should do this to increase the number of followers, but what’s the use of having a lot of followers when not so many of your followers actually care about what you have to say? They also say you should engage with other people, talk to them about the stuff that interests them. That has always been the hardest part of social media for me. But that part at least works. Most of the people who +1 my posts or comment on them are the people who's posts I previously +1’d or commented on.

That makes me wonder what the use of circle sharing is. Why not skip that part and go right ahead to engaging with people you don't know? If they are interested in you, they will circle you back, right?

You know, I try to promote my apps. So I devised a plan for this. I add people, that have something to do with Apple, to a special circle. Usually I find these people in communities dedicated to Apple devices or apps. Then I try to engage with them. The hardest part with this approach is that these people are not very active on G+. Many of them didn't post anything ever.

So here is my dilemma. It’s easy to grow the number of your followers, but that doesn't mean you will sell more stuff. On the other hand you can go right after your target audience, but it’s really hard, because they are not active. Maybe G+ is just not a good place to promote apps?

Circle sharing is easy. I could do it just in case some day I understand its usefulness. For now all these blue circles make my profile page look ugly and my circle sharing activity feels pointless, because it doesn't lead to more sales.

Maybe there is something about G+ and social media in general, that I don't get. If you think so, let me know in the comments below.

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