Good phrases

Here is my list of phrases that I pick out from different books and other texts. These phrases I may use in my own writing later.

  • I have some doubts here, for reasons I have already indicated 
  • It's a tough call
  • fall by the wayside 
  • let me hasten to say 
  • I’m saying nothing here which is not common knowledge 
  • I want to call your attention to
  • What is true of ____ holds for _____
  • it seemed to be a theme that came up time and time again
  • Not only are such people not worth your effort in talking, but they are usually not worth listening either
  • If one seeks knowledge, it seems wiser to read books which offer to instruct, if there be such, than books which tell stories. 
  • There is no error in reading a poem as if it were philosophy, or science as if it were poetry, so long as you know which you are doing at a given time and how to do it well. 
  • and that in turn is due to the fact that…
  • if there is one thing I cannot abide it is a lack of discipline
  • Well, I have no sooner finished persuading you that certain distinctions are worth observing, than I have to add: “But there are still more.” 
  • I hope you will not walk out on me
  • We need a scheme of classification which groups books with an eye to the problems of reading, and not for the purpose of selling them or putting them on shelves. 
  • I will not bother you with distinctions which do not matter so far as your skill in reading is concerned.

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