пятница, 21 августа 2015 г.

Everything goes as planned

I'm in Moscow now. I've been here since August 9th. I had 3 job interviews on the first week. The very first interview got me a job. So, I only spent one week looking for a job. I've been working since Monday, August 17th.

I live in a hostel for now. It's called the Apricot hostel, and most probably I'll have to stay here for one more month. It's located in the very centre of Moscow. The hostel is OK in many respects. The only thing that bothers me here is that one of the hostel's administrators is an idiot, who plays video games every night and shouts out loudly periodically, so sometimes I have hard time sleeping. The good thing is that at my new job the time the work starts is not fixed. So I can sleep more when I need to.

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